Don’t leave yet! You got to the right place!

Rungg is a former pakistani rock band (i think) which was very successful at the time, probably still is, who knows? Well, if you do – fill me up with the details by leaving a comment (much appreciated). is now owned by me! I thought of making it a shrine to the legend called Rungg, but then i found out i never heard of them and i got a hold of an historical domain name with a value.

So i decided to help all the Rungg fans out there by giving some tips which are not necessarily related to Rungg but can help you make some money online with various ways.

But there’s more to the world of online money making, i just want to bring to your attention a few ways which can benefit you especially if you have the spare time to look for your favorite rock band online. 🙂

Soon you will find here related information about Rummy Games, Spread Betting (Financial) and Other ways of making money online.

Stay tuned because there’s more! – It’s more than just a band, it’s ….more.

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