Exploding iPods

Do you have an iPod? maybe an iPhone?
Did you know your iPod might explode just like that? apparently Apple (the company who makes the iPods and iPhones) are trying to hide that fact from the consumers and that’s why somebody created a game called iPop.
iPop illustrates an Apple store where Steve Jobs (Apple’s CEO) is trying to hide exploding iPods and sweep them under the carpet.
iPop - The exploding iPods game

iPop - The exploding iPods game

Other than the fact the game is very nice and fun to play, these guys are trying to make a point, the point that Apple should do something and fix the exploding iPods. According to what they write they are not against Apple but the opposite, Apple fans who love their products and feel like Apple should take a stand in the exploding ipods story.

This game is recommended whether you have an iPod or iPhone or not. Addictive – Enjoy.

Play the game at www.makeipodsafe.com