Facebook Chat Smiley

Can you imagine using any of the chats you are using with no emoticons? with no smiley emoticons? Its impossible. Also while browsing, posting, commenting and more online activities, the chat smileys are part of the game.

Can you imagine new things which are not on Facebook? is it possible that anything will not have a place in Facebook? impossible.

This is why the Facebook chat smiley is the next thing we need to talk about here, the best thing happened to the Facebook chat. First of all you need to remember that Facebook chat smileys free to use, just like any of the Facebook free emoticons you can find online. These Facebook free emoticons will become part of your daily Facebook chat and will be used in every chat. The idea to have the Facebook chat smileys all over Facebook is not new and its like a natural development of the Facebook chat  and of the emoticons on the net, the smiley emoticons specifically.

There are many advantages for Facebook chat smileys and other emoticons since they are making the chat experience into something much more fun and existing. No more writing lines of text in order to try to explain that you are sick, but using the green face smiley emoticon to do so.

Check these Facebook free emoticons for instant use:

Smiley Description Keyboard shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Smile : - ) : )
Big Smile : - D : D
Wink ; - ) ; )
Manga eyes ^_^
Smiling eyes > : o
Cat : 3
grumpy > : - (
Sad emoticon : - ( : (
Crying : ' (
Shock : - o : o
Nerd Glasses 8 - ) 8 )