Greyhound Betting

If you are already familiar with horse racing, you are likely to instantly understand how greyhound betting works as well. If not, it helps to understand that most types of betting which involve the outcome of a race can really benefit from a bit of targeted research.
For example, when you want to wager on greyhound racing systems it helps to obtain all of the necessary information about any of the dogs

running in the upcoming events. This means you are going to look for lists that contain the weight of the dogs, their statistics in their past few races, the length of the tracks where they ran them, and the names of all of the dogs that finished ahead of them. You are then going to have to scout out the current greyhound betting odds assigned to the dog, and to its competitors.

With all of this information you should be able to determine a reasonable wager on a race. It is important to remember, however, to avoid temptation where odds are concerned. For example, you see that a dog is positioned at a 25 to 1 chance of winning. This means that every dollar you wager on this dog will translate to twenty-five dollars in prize money. While this might be tempting, it also means that experts in greyhound betting have assigned the dogs such odds because it is not likely to win.

Instead, you will want to consider the more favorable odds, like 8 to 5. This means that you would win eight dollars on every five dollars wagered, but you are much more likely to win that bet than the 20 to 1 odds.

You will also need to understand the different ways to place wagers. There are the standard win, place and show options in bet dog racing. There are also options for exacta and trifecta wagers among many others too.