The Kalooki game is the most interesting version of the Rummy games. Playing Kalooki and online Kalooki games demands, high skills from the players and some sort of luck.

The Kalooki game, as one of the Rummy games family, is popular in Europe and in the US. The game is faster and more attractive for online players, than the known Gin Rummy game. The best thing about playing Kalooki is the option to build Sets and Runs “on the table”. After each player is melding his first Set or first Kalooki Run, he is able to build and expand the existing ones “on the table”. Means to add cards to melds which are already discards by him or other Kalooki players.

The Kalooki game is also known as Kaluki or Kalookie, is played in South America and Jamaica as well. These two countries are demanding the right for inventing the game, but official Rummy sources are pointing Israel as the home base, where Kalooki first played.

In spite of the old argument about the Kalooki sources, the game is expanding and you can find it in the Far East and Africa countries as well. Poker players and Former Gin Rummy players finds the Kalooki version more attractive and more fun to play. The same is for Online Kalooki games, where there are games for 5 player’s maximum and head to head option.

Play Kalooki online and discover the greatness of the game. If you are a Poker player or even tried any of the Rummy related games, the Kalooki will be better experience for you.