Monopoly City Streets

Hasbro recently launched its new online monopoly game version which is fully integrated with Google Maps. This game is considered a hit among monopoly addicts and caused a global hype being able to buy actual streets from around the world according to the Monopoly rules we used to grow on.

Monopoly is one of the most popular games in the world since 1934 more than 200 million units sold in more than 37 languages educating children and giving the much needed financial education you don’t learn anywhere else.

The Google Monopoly Game is now available online and since its launched thousands of players have been monitored online buying selling and renting in order to become the next big real estate tycoons (virtual of course).

This is the first big integration a 3rd party company does with Google’s services and the first time it is done with Google Maps specifically.

The game is played with virtual money obviously but who knows what the future might bring as far as playing this game for real money.