Online Rummikub games are new for all Rummikub players. This option to start playing the game online opened the door for many worldwide Rummikub players and fans. Second name for the Rummikub is the Rummy O game, you can also play it online after you get to know the Rummy O rules.

The Rummikub game, which has an amazing popularity all over the world, was invented in the mid 40’s by Romanian Jew name Hertzano. He took the simple Rummy game and made some changes in it. The biggest change in the game, which have made it so popular and fun to play, is the use in tiles, instead of cards. Until these days The Online Rummikub game is also called Rummy Cube, for the Cubes you play with.

The 106 tiles of the game, with the standard stands flow the world and published by local companies. Each have the license from Hertzano to market the game gears and to publish it in their location.

Rummikub starategy if the game issimilar to the known Rummy games, melding the tiles until you have all Sets and Runs. The game play is also similar. Drawing cards- melding and remolding- discarding unwanted card. Step by step, each player is fixing the right melds all the way to be the first to meld all 14 tiles. The first Rummikub player to do so is the hand winner.

The basic of the Rummikub game is the Eastern Okey Oyunu game, which is played for over a century now. The game is exiting, fun and challenging for all online and offline players. If you haven’t tried the Rummikub yet, now is the right time.