Rummy 500 rules

Rummy 500 rules

The game is played with two players, face to face version, or with more. Each of the players gets 13 cards to begin with and the first to play is the player opponent to the dealer.

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According to Rummy 500 rules, when you play the game, you have three things to do each turn. These are basically the three steps which are the heart of the Rummy games and the main Rummy 500 rules.

•    First move is to pick a new card from the main pile or from the discards pile. New card is face down one, no one knows which card you took. Discards pile cards are face up, this may be a disadvantage later on the game.
•    Second move, now with the new card, is to meld it with others. You need to build Sets and Runs with your cards. Set are three or more card with the same Rank, Run are three or more cards with the same suit.
•    Third move is to discard another card which you do not need, or maybe you can use it, but prefer that other Rummy 500 players will see you discard it.

When the main cards pile is finished or one of the players is melding his last cards on the table, the Rummy 500 round is finished and the scores are calculated.

  • Ace can worth 15 points or just 1.
  • All kingdom family worth 10 points each.
  • Number cards are calculated according to the number.

When the first Rummy 500 player reaches the limit of 500 points, the game is over and this players is the new Rummy 500 winner.