Rummy directory

The Online directories are a junction of information, and so is the Rummy directory. From the beginning, the Rummy directory have made the change and become real guide for all Rummy related issues.

Playing Rummy games for ages, and different versions of the Gin Rummy and Kalooki game is part of the cards games world. Using online Rummy forums and Rummy related sites is art of the game. In these Rummy sites, you can find all the Rummy related information, to learn the game strategy and use the advanced rules for learning the game and winning Rummy hands. The online Rummy information is all gathered in the Rummy directory, as the number one Rummy guide.

The option to have all Rummy related information in one place is the main idea behind the Rummy directory. The directory contains all Rummy related games such as Kalooki, Scala Quarana, Gin Rummy and more. For foreign players, you can find the different games for different languages

For each of the games, there are different strategy notes, there are land based Rummy clubs to play and there are fans and players to join their communities. All this information will be available for all Rummy players and fans, in the Rummy directory.

You are part of the Rummy directory as well, join the Directory categories and submit your Rummy links and websites online.