The need for more accurate competitive keyword research tools is incredible.  To answer this need, a wide diversity of new offerings can be found online.  However, one of the most important is a new program called SEMRush.  This program provides online marketers with the means to accurately track data related to keywords and PPC campaigns in a way that other programs do not begin to approach.  What’s the biggest advantage with this program?

First, you’ll find that this offering gives you the ability to contrast the number of organic hits to a website, versus the number of PPC hits generated.  This is an excellent way to determine the efficacy of a particular PPC campaign.  However, the program goes far beyond this, as well.  You’ll find that this software enables you to view an estimated total cost for the number of PPC hits generated.  This ensures that you know the estimated value for the site, in terms of amount spent on click-through actions for PPC ads. Read more in the SEMRush review

Why is this important?  While you won’t find the same accuracy in these figures as you will with other offerings on the market, it can easily give you access to information about your own sites, where you know the accurate figures.  This allows you to normalize data within the same vertical markets and gives you a decent glimpse at what your competitors’ worth actually is, in terms of PPC.  This is very important when determining your next move in marketingand can help you decide what keywords are right for your needs, as well as which ones should be avoided.

Of course,you will also find that the software enables you to determine the top competitors for a particular website, as well as the top 100 downstream sources from popular search providers like Google.  The top competitors feature is an excellent way to determine what competitors you want to research further, and which are below you in terms of value.
Obviously, SEMRush can be a valuable addition to your toolbox and can help increase your online marketing success.

While it cannot work as a standalone tool, its complexity and scope make it a valuable addition to some of the other important software offerings to emerge in recent days.  Increasing your success through competitive information analysis is now simpler than ever.  Whether you need keyword performance statistics or need to know what your competitors are up to, this offering can help you accomplish that.