Soccer Betting

Any sport event and specifically soccer or football, is much more interesting when there’s money involved. Soccer betting was there since the beginning and probably one of the main reasons why soccer is so popular.

There are hundreds of services, sports books and bookies where you can place a bet on your favorite team.

Today as soccer betting got even more sophisticated you can place a bet using a mobile device, you can bet before the soccer match and during the soccer match. You can bet on almost anything starting with the final result of the game through various events during the game such as under/over corner amount during the first half of the game, total amount of yellow cards drawn at players and so on.

The more sophisticated it gets, the more chances for making money from soccer betting.

All this before even mentioning arbitrage betting which is the art of placing a bet on all possibilities and winning regardless of the final results. This requires 2 to 3 different sports books and real time odds checker. Themes in World Cup 2010 games in South Africa are the greatest chance of the last years to take place with the best World Cup betting odds.