Water Powered Clocks are here!

One of the coolest eco friendly gadgets is the water powered clock. The water powered clocks run solely on water or liquid and do not require any additional power supply such as batteries or an electric socket.

These time of clocks can run for weeks and even months on a almost no water. There is the water powered alarm clock and the regular water powered clock which shows the time and date.

The way they work is this: The water has electrons in it and the mechanism in the clock turns that water into electrical current which supply just enough power for the clock.

You simply fill the clock with water at the designated place at the back of the clock and it runs for ages, you can even add a flower to make it look more eco friendly as it already is.

The Water Powered clocks can be your next gift to a friend, you can get them to your office as a statement of – Look at me, i’m green! you can have it in your own home.

The trend of water powered electric devices is near and you can already get an water powered calculator which runs the same way as the water powered clock.

Their price is not that bad also, you can get your clock for less than $15 and you can get them in all colors of the rainbox. So hurry up and get your Water Powered Alarm Clock today.